Tropitone is about making memories. Summer is the time to lie on the beach and get that perfect tan. A killer tan always makes you feel sexier and widens your smile. It boosts confidence and gives you that extra bounce in your stride. You dance with less inhibitions and embrace the social scene with added confidence! Why not keep your summer glow all year round with Tropitone’!

Tan It
Tropitone’s Tan Enhancing dry oil- is enriched with Copacabana & Monoi Tahitian oil that accelerates a natural deep and even tan- that lasts longer.
The luxurious tanning oil maximises your skins natural tanning potential, while offering moderate UV sun protection with an SPF of 6.


Bronze It
Tropitone’s Bronze It range gives you a natural –looking instantly radiant sun-kissed skin, effortlessly. See results in 4-6 hours and keep your healthy glow year-round with regular top-ups. Enriched with Monoi Tahitian Coconut oil, it will keep your skin moisturised & Supple.


Move It
This range of light sunscreen lotions will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, helping to prevent skin damage while leaving you with a gorgeous, natural and healthy tan. The non-greasy formula is enriched with Monoi Tahitian Coconut Oil, which is known to enhance tanning while moisturizing to keep skin radiant and supple.

The range is water resistant and has SPF 30, 40 & 50 for moderate & maximum protection, leaving you free to have fun in the sun, whether you are relaxing on the beach or lazing by the pool.


Cool It
Prolong your tan or cool your skin down after a long, hot day in the sun with Tropitone Aftersun Cooling Gel.


Monoi Tahitian Coconut Oil, or Monoi de Tahiti, is light brown, scented oil known for its tan accelerating and deeply moisturizing properties. The scent comes from Tahitian Gardenia or Tiare blossoms being soaked in the coconut oil for a period of 2 weeks. Tropitone enriches most of its products with this luxurious oil for improved tanning and long-lasting moisture.