SCHICK razors help make shaving a more effortless, refreshing, liberating experience; one that actually cares for your skin. Find the best shave for you among our large selection of Men’s, Women’s and Disposable razors.


Designed like no other razor to protect your Skin from irritation with a Hydrating Gel Reservoir that is designed to provide instant lubricating protection and deliver 40% less friction than lube strips.


Get an ultra-smooth shave with the Quattro titanium-coated blades that provide a precise, close shave, while the pivoting head and edging blade offer great flexibility and can glide into hard-to-reach areas. Plus, a conditioning strip formulated with Aloe and Jojoba helps provide a smooth shave.


Schick® Xtreme3 has vitamin E and aloe and 3 blades that flex and pivot to adapt to the contours of your face so you’ll get a close shave. This razor includes comfort strips for a smooth shave as well as an ergonomic handle with soft rubber grip for improved control. Fights Razor Burn.


Exacta2 System
For a smooth, close and easy shave. Exacta 2 is the razor for you, A simple solution to a razor system, Twin blade razor with push clean cartridges, Pivoting head, Built-in lubricating strip with Aloe Vera for sensitive skin, Value product providing a safe, close shave and Two free refills included with the razor.


This 2-blade disposable features a lubricating strip enhanced with vitamin E to reduce irritation.


Women’s brands

Hydro Silk
Our best shave for your Skin, Hydrates longer than any other razor for up to 2 hours after shaving and goes beyond a close shave to actually care for your skin


It’s the first and only razor system that lathers, shaves and moisturizes during shaving – in one easy step – so there’s no need to use shave gel. It also features a 4-blade pivoting head to glide smoothly along the contours of your legs and body.


Quattro for Women
For an ultra-smooth shave with 4 ultra-thin blades and 2 conditioning strips with pearl and papaya complex to deliver long-lasting smoothness.


Features 3 blades that flex and pivot to adapt to the contours of your legs and a conditioning strip with vitamin E and aloe.


Silk Effects
With 2 blades on a pivoting head with moisturising strip gives a simple and easy shave for a girl on the go.


Conditioning strips with aloe make this the ultimate twin-blade disposable.

Schick, under Warner Lambert, was the first company in the world to patent comfort-lubricating strips in the Schick Super II Plus.

These strips were made from an extruded water-soluble polymer called polyethylene oxide, or PolyOx. When activated by contact with water, these strips provide lubrication for the skin that reduces the pain and irritation caused by the blade edge, while also lowering the drag force on the skin, making the shave far more comfortable.