With over 35 years as a global healthy sweetener brand leader, Natreen® allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy the ‘sweetness’ in your diet. Natreen® won’t let you compromise on taste because it is made using only the highest quality ingredients creating a naturally sweet flavour, with no aftertaste.

Here at Natreen® we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we deliver a product that is versatile enough to satisfy your ‘sweet tooth’, convenient enough to cater for any occasion, and healthy enough to make it your smart daily choice.

In South Africa Natreen® is available at leading retailers in the following formats:


Natreen® Tablets
Natreen® Tablets are perfect for use in hot drinks. The Pocket Dispenser 100’s allows you the convenience of taking Natreen® with you for a calorie-free alternative to sugar. Also available in Table Dispenser 300’s and Refill Pack 500’s


Natreen® Granules
Natreen® Granules allow you to use Natreen® in the same way you use sugar, as it looks and tastes just like sugar, only with fewer calories. Natreen® Granules can also be used for cooking and baking.


Natreen® Liquid
Natreen® Liquid is ideal for cooking and baking. Being extremely heat stable, Natreen® Liquid is able to retain its sweetness during the food preparation process. It contains zero calories, blends instantly and can be frozen.


Natreen® Sticks
Natreen® Sticks are perfect for sprinkling on fresh fruit, cereal, muesli, porridge, yoghurt and hot drinks. Natreen® Classic Granule Sweetener Sticks are available in Sticks 50’s and Sticks 100’s.


Today consumers can choose from a variety of Natreen® products that cater for every sweet moment in life without compromising on taste and without the added calories. Natreen® is the ideal healthy lifestyle choice and is perfect for use in hot drinks, baking, and sprinkling on fresh fruit, cereal, porridge, muesli and yoghurt.