Whether you are trying to lose weight, or just make some small healthy changes to your lifestyle, Canderel low-calorie sweeteners are one of the smallest and easiest changes to stick to.

Canderel has been delivering the delicious sweet taste of sugar, without all the calories for over 30 years. With zero calories per tablet and just 2 calories per teaspoon when using our granules, it’s easy to use Canderel at any point of the day.


Sweeten your hot drinks throughout the day with Canderel Original tablets or sticks. Each tablet has the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar, but contains absolutely no calories. Compare this to sugar, which clocks up 20 calories per teaspoon, and you’ll see what a smart move it is to use Canderel in your hot drinks.

Available in: Tablets and Sticks


Sucralose can be used in place of sugar in many foods and beverages. And, it works even better in home cooking and baking recipes.

Sucralose is produced from sugar through a multistep extraction process. During this process a small amount of chlorine is added which changes the structure of the sugar molecule. This change produces a sweetener that has no calories.

Chlorine is present naturally in many foods and beverages that we eat and drink every day i.e. lettuce, mushrooms, and table salt contain small amounts of chlorine.

Available in: Tablets, Sticks and Crunch


At Canderel we understand that finding the perfect sugar substitute is not always easy.  So, we’re proud to introduce the latest innovation in our 30 year history in sugar alternatives; Canderel Stevia- from Natural Origin. Canderel Stevia is made from the finest extract of the Stevia plant to produce a sweet taste with zero calories.

Available in: Tablets, Sticks and Crunch


The Aspartame Myth has been bust? Yes, that’s correct, Aspartame is safe for consumption and has no negative effects on our body!

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