Get Sweet Smart with Canderel Crunch!

September 11, 2015

Dust off your sugar bowls. Shine your silver sugar spoons. Now toss out your sugar. Canderel is putting the crunch back into sugar-free living. New Canderel Crunch is a revolutionary new sweetener that looks and tastes just like sugar, without the kilojoules.

Sugar alternatives like Canderel Crunch with Stevia mean you can keep things healthy and sweet at the same time. With the same consistency and texture as sugar with 99% less carbohydrates, it’s the perfect addition to a smoothie.

Canderel Crunch with Stevia uses extracts from the Stevia leaf. The Stevia plant is associated with qualities including managing heartburn, weight loss and reducing blood pressure. Little wonder it’s increasingly becoming the go-to sugar alternative for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Canderel Crunch with Sucralose is specifically designed to ensure perfect sugar-free bakes. Unlike many other sweeteners, Sucralose withstands high temperatures and maintains its sweetness during baking.

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